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Simo Huuskonen has been appointed as a Product Engineer.

Simo is a young and motivated individual with a diverse background and a strong interest in product development and the automotive industry.

He has 3.5 years of work experience at K-Supermarket, where he gained valuable experience in customer service and teamwork in various roles, learning efficient time management, responsibility, and collaboration skills.

Simo completed an internship as an automotive mechanic and worked as a spare parts salesperson at K-Auto, expanding his technical knowledge and understanding of vehicle structures and the significance of spare parts.

His educational background, starting from high school graduation in the spring of 2020 and ongoing studies in Automotive Engineering, provides a solid foundation in technical expertise and principles of product development. Through these roles, he has learned to solve complex technical problems and is ready to apply this knowledge in practice.

Simo’s hobbies, including a BMW restoration project and participation in Formula Student, demonstrate his passion for automobiles, technical innovation, and product development. He has delved into aerodynamics and carbon fiber component manufacturing in the Formula Student project, increasing his understanding of advanced materials and product development.

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