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Rotyx Oy has a new CEO

Mikko Pölkki has been appointed CEO of Rotyx Oy from January 19th. Mikko is an experienced technology industry professional with a strong background in management positions in international business. He has worked for a total of 17 years at Premekon Oy as a designer, production and project manager and for more than 10 years as CEO. Before becoming the CEO of Rotyx Oy, he was the CEO of Viafin Industrial Service Meri-Lappi Oy.

Mikko's extensive experience in technology, manufacturing and cooperation with a demanding, international customers gives him excellent skills to lead Rotyx Oy's strongly growing business. His ways of working correspond to our company's values. As a determined and approachable person, the most important priority for Mikko is smooth cooperation with customers. Occupational safety and sustainable operations have been standard requirements in demanding project deliveries in the process industry. Mikko has strong history of developing new innovative solutions together with customers. He has a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

On behalf of the entire ROTYX team, we welcome Mikko to work with us for the best of our customers.

For additional information, please contact:
Tuomo Sihvo +358 40 725 5191 (
Mikko Pölkki +358 40 509 7458 (

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