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Atte Valkama has been appointed as a Product Manager.

Atte brings additional strength to our organization with his diverse background and passion for machinery and product development.

Originally trained as an HVAC and sheet metal welder, his education and work experience have provided him with a solid foundation for understanding the operation of machines and equipment. As his thesis project, he built a washing machine for Panda's candy factory, which has been functioning flawlessly for years, demonstrating his ability to create durable and functional solutions.

With work experience dating back to 2004, specializing in demanding industrial piping and installations, and later transitioning to earthworks and infrastructure, Atte has gained a versatile perspective on managing technical projects and interacting with customers. He enjoys working with new people and companies, considering it a valuable opportunity for continuous learning and facing new challenges.

His hobbies, such as snowboarding, fly fishing, and outdoor activities, have instilled in him an unwavering determination to push his own limits. Competing on the national team level in fly fishing has taught him the importance of teamwork, competitiveness, and commitment to goals.

Additionally, Atte is an enthusiastic DIY enthusiast who loves challenging himself with new projects. He has learned to make jewelry, wrap various items and cars, and has participated in motorcycle construction projects, all of which demand creativity and craftsmanship.

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